Business Trends And Insights For Spa Retail Professionals

Many Locations, One Business: A Guide to Managing Multiple Spa Stores


Thinking Like a Startup: Teaching an Old Dog Old Tricks

Established hot tub retailers, retailers who have experienced a fair amount of success, have much to teach newcomers to the industry. It may come as a surprise then to learn that experienced business owners can learn a lot from the start...

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Business Management

Selling Multiple vs Single Brands on the Showroom Floor

In an age where online retail and big-box stores are transforming consumer culture as we know it, is it time for independent retailers to reconsider their brand exclusivity in favor of showroom diversity? Not all retailers seem to think ...

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From Service to Sales: Cross Training Field Technicians

Most of us would agree that salespeople and service techs are two different creatures. Both have unique skill sets and specialized product knowledge, and both are a vital component of a successful spa retail business. While many field se...

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How to Sell the Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

A newbie hot tub dealer recently spoke to me about a challenge he’s run into more than once: how to sell health benefits of spas when there really isn’t clear empirical data out there proving the case. Sure, science has not produced t...

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