Business Trends And Insights For Spa Retail Professionals

Many Locations, One Business: A Guide to Managing Multiple Spa Stores


How To Encourage Online Customer Reviews That Sell

Once, customer service reviews amounted to nothing more than comments in a suggestion box near the showroom door. Today, in the advent of consumer review sites and social media, online feedback is commonplace and available for all to see...

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Business Management

Salary or Commission?

Best Compensation Strategies for Spa Sales Staff

Someone once said that employees are a company’s greatest asset and if you want to gain a competitive advantage, you need to attract and retain the best of the best. This is still true today across all industries, and it is especially tr...

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The ABCs of Spa School Programs

As a spa dealer, chances are good that you have heard of, participated in, or even led a spa school of some kind. Spa schools can be as basic as spending an extra hour at the installation site teaching hot tub owners the basics of caring...

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How To Get Motivated when Sales are Slow

As all spa dealers are well aware, sales numbers go through peaks and troughs at different points of the year. At the height of the summer, business is booming. Come January, however, and you may not see a single big-ticket sale in weeks...

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