Business Trends And Insights For Spa Retail Professionals

Spa Dealer Cash Flow Solutions During Inventory and Delivery Delays 


The Science Behind Successful Retail Showroom Design

Is your showroom set up to make selling easy? Veteran hot tub retailers may think you have this aspect of your business down, but are you sure? Is there retail science backing your showroom design and merchandising plan? Or the real q...

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Business Management

A Spa Dealer’s Guide to Hiring: The True Cost of Bad Hires

So, you have a sales position in your store that needs to be filled. What’s your first step? For many hiring managers, it’s to pull open a file drawer of applications and resumes and start sifting through candidates. Many will also post ...

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Mobile Solutions for Spa Service Techs

Given today’s technology, every service department should be integrating mobile applications into their business processes. However, a startling number of hot tub service departments still don’t use mobile solutions to improve efficienci...

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Moving the Sale Forward When Inventory Is Low

Spa dealers are encountering a never-before-seen conundrum as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic: hot tub demand has skyrocketed while the average wait for new spas is now up to six months.   That creates a tricky sales dynamic. What s...

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