Business Trends And Insights For Spa Retail Professionals

What’s in Your Spa Closing Packet?


How to Target High Quality Leads

There is a prevailing mindset in the retail industry that more leads equal more sales. By this logic, quantity is the top priority in generating sales leads. Unfortunately, this is faulty logic. The truth is you are more likely to sell m...

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Business Management

Recession Proof Your Business

After 96 consecutive months of growth since the turning point of the 2008 recession, the US economy may now be bracing for a slowdown again, some economists suggest. What does this mean for spa retailers, who are currently seeing some of...

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Secrets to Hot Tub Service Success

Hidden behind the sparkling showrooms, the engaging sales staff, and the deal-closing soaks that power sales at most spa retailers is a largely unsung profit center: the service department. More than just a crew that handles delivery ...

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Selling Spas: Make It Emotional

How well do you understand what motivates a customer to buy your product? Are buying decisions on logic or emotion? Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman says, “95% of purchasing decisions are subconscious.” What really drives decision making...

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