Business Trends And Insights For Spa Retail Professionals

Most Common Reasons Spa Businesses Fail and How to Avoid It


How to Drive In-Store Traffic: Think Outside the Box

What’s the one thing hot tub retailers must to have in order to be successful? You guessed it: customers. Stellar sales staff, a great business plan, the perfect location, none of these mean anything if you don’t drive in-store tra...

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Business Management

EXPO-sed: What to Do when a Spa Show Comes to Town

Roger Retailer has a successful local spa dealership. His reputation in town and in surrounding communities is spotless, and he has a great sales team that is focused on customer service and satisfaction. Roger is sitting back in his des...

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Secrets to Hot Tub Service Success

Hidden behind the sparkling showrooms, the engaging sales staff, and the deal-closing soaks that power sales at most spa retailers is a largely unsung profit center: the service department. More than just a crew that handles delivery ...

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4 Basic Strategies for Mastering the Upsell

For most retailers, upselling is the difference between keeping a spa business afloat and letting it flourish. However, whether out of pride or inexperience, some business owners fail to appreciate the value of margins. Today, we explore...

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