Business Trends And Insights For Spa Retail Professionals

What a Customer-First Culture Looks Like


Guarantee Marketing for Spa Dealers

How to Use Guarantees in Your Marketing

Is there a place for guarantees in spa retailing? Absolutely. Experts argue that guaranteed marketing has a place in every business. Just ask FedEx or L.L.Bean, who both recognized huge success after making unprecedented promises to thei...

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Business Management

State of the Spa Dealer-Manufacturer Relationship

In the 2017 State of the Industry poll conducted by Aqua Magazine, a startling 60% of spa retailers reported switching manufacturers. Though overall hot tub and spa sales increased for many dealers, brand loyalty trends appear on the dec...

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Mobile Solutions for Spa Service Techs

Given today’s technology, every service department should be integrating mobile applications into their business processes. However, a startling number of hot tub service departments still don’t use mobile solutions to improve efficienci...

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Secrets to Closing the Spa Sale: Recognizing Conversion Points

To paraphrase Mark Twain, the reports of the death of retail have been greatly exaggerated. In February, the National Retail Federation released its economic forecast for 2018 in which they predicted that retail sales would grow 3.8 to 4...

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