We are honored to celebrate the retirement of one of our most esteemed Regional Managers, Craig Selvidge, who has been a pillar in the spa industry since 1977. His career, spanning several decades, has been marked by an unwavering commitment to culture, innovation and family. Having worked closely with hot tub dealers across generations, he has played a vital role in building up businesses, nurturing relationships, and fostering growth.  

Throughout his illustrious career, Craig has embodied the values that we hold dear as a company. His approach to business, centered around strong relationships and a deep understanding of the market, aligns perfectly with our focus on improving people’s lives and dedication to excellence. As we bid farewell to this incredible individual, we encourage our dealers to look to his example and wisdom. By following his advice and emulating his dedication, our dealers can continue to thrive and build lasting legacies in the spa industry. His retirement marks the end of an era, but his influence and lessons will continue to inspire and guide us all. 

Craig’s Journey  

Craig’s journey in the spa industry is nothing short of inspiring. His passion for innovation and design became evident early on, even before venturing into the spa business, Craig was deeply involved in his family’s business, Craig Craft, which built boats that he used to race. After gaining a degree in engineering, he began his career in the spa business in 1977 building wooden hot tub frames. While highly successful, a pivotal moment in his career came when he attended a hot tub show in Long Beach, California a year or two later. This event ignited his retail business, leading to rapid growth and eventually to an expansion building swimming pools. Not satisfied with the standard spa layouts, Craig began allowing customers to choose the placement of jets in their spas or pools and experimenting with swim spa designs.  

A few years later, Craig’s innovation and expertise caught the attention of an acrylic company, who hired him to speak at events about their new technology and materials. His charisma and knowledge made him a sought-after speaker, eventually leading to a full-time position as a dealer representative. As a rep, Craig traveled and forged new friendships with dealers all over the country. He eventually retired to his home in the Northwest at the age of 50; however, after only 2 years of retirement Criag was so bored that when a friend called him up asking him to come back as a rep for a different company, he replied with “When can I go to work?” After a few more successful years, Craig retired for medical reasons and enjoyed a relaxing life in Puerto Rico, where he swam and surfed daily. Eventually, he sold his property and returned to the mainland, where he taught high school until 2013 when his friend Jerry Pasley offered him a job as a regional manager for Bullfrog Spas.  

For over a decade, Craig has been a valuable member of our team, building relationships with dealers and working alongside other managers he has known for years and proudly calls friends. Craig’s career is a testament to his dedication, innovation, and passion for the spa industry. His ability to seamlessly blend technical expertise with a genuine care for customers’ needs has not only resolved countless issues but also fostered a sense of trust and loyalty among our clientele.  Just a month ago, he exemplified his dedication to customer service by stopping by a new spa owner’s house to personally fix a mechanical issue. However, as we celebrate Craig’s remarkable career, we recognize that his contributions go far beyond sales and technical support—they embody the very values our company strives to uphold every day.  

What Craig Loves About the Industry 

Craig’s favorite part of the spa industry is “undoubtedly, the people.” For him, the job was never just about selling spas or closing deals; it was about building and nurturing relationships. He cherished the friendships he formed over the years, finding joy in the collaborative environment, and constantly encouraging mutual growth and success. The helpful and inclusive culture of Bullfrog Spas resonated deeply with Craig, aligning perfectly with his own values of putting people first and striving to make a positive impact on their lives. His enthusiasm and genuine care for others made him a beloved figure within the company and the industry at large. 

Craig saw his role not as a series of business transactions but as visiting and spending time with friends. In one remarkable case, Craig worked with a dealership through three generations of one family, from the grandparents all the way down to the current dealership manager. His interactions with dealers and colleagues were always marked by a sincere desire to help and uplift those around him. Craig’s legacy is not only one of professional excellence but also of deep, meaningful connections that have enriched the lives of everyone he encountered. As we celebrate his retirement, we honor the way he has touched our lives and reaffirm our commitment to the values he held dear.  

Rules Craig Lives By  

Go the Extra Mile 

Going the extra mile was a principle Craig always championed. Going above and beyond can lead to lasting success and strong, loyal partnerships ultimately leading to an increase in sales and a solid reputation within your market. Craig exemplified this by working alongside his dealers, not just in sales but also in technical support and maintenance. One of his favorite stories to tell exhibited his willingness to go above and beyond involved converting a dealer who had resisted him for years. To finally convert the dealer, Craig proposed bringing just two Bullfrog Spas to their upcoming show to see if he could sell them. Not only did he sell those two spas, but he also sold two more, outselling the dealer’s other brands. This led the dealer to convert on the spot.  

Craig’s jack-of-all-trades approach was a testament to his dedication and willingness to do whatever it took to support his dealers and ensure their success. By being versatile and involved in multiple facets of the business, he built strong, loyal partnerships that stood the test of time.  

Be the Expert 

Craig believed that expertise was key to building trust and credibility with customers. He made it a priority to train himself in as many areas as possible, ensuring he could provide valuable insights and support across various aspects of the business. He also encouraged members of his dealerships to follow his example, pushing them to diversify their skills and become well-rounded professionals. For those specializing in a specific area, Craig emphasized the importance of becoming the go-to expert in that field. By mastering their respective domains, they could offer unparalleled service and establish themselves as authorities in the industry. Craig constantly encouraged his dealers to attend our company’s dealer exclusive sales and technical training sessions to expand their knowledge and expertise. He knew that staying informed about the latest advancements and techniques would not only improve their individual performance but also elevate the overall reputation of the dealership. 

Back Your Business Up with Evidence 

In today’s digital age, potential customers often research businesses online before making a visit or purchase. Craig advised that having positive reviews, a well-maintained website, and an up-to-date business profile are crucial components of a strong online presence. He encouraged dealers to actively manage their online profiles, respond to customer feedback, and regularly update their websites with relevant information and promotions. These elements serve as digital testimonials, showcasing the quality of service and customer satisfaction. Good reviews and ratings can significantly influence a potential customer’s decision, helping to build trust and credibility before they even step into the showroom. According to Craig, by providing transparent and consistent evidence of their expertise and customer service, businesses can reassure potential customers that they are trustworthy and reliable. 

Craigs Farewell Advice for Dealers  

Hire and Retain the Right People  

In today’s competitive economy, it’s challenging for businesses to thrive, and this struggle extends to employees as well. To attract and retain top talent, dealers must be willing to offer competitive compensation and benefits. Good employees are the backbone of any successful operation, and investing in them is investing in the future of the business. After all, as Craig stated, “You’re only as good as your labor pool.” 

Craig also liked to emphasize the importance of leading by example. Dealers and owners should not be absentee figures; instead, they should actively participate in the daily operations and connect with their staff. Leading by doing, rather than merely instructing, inspires loyalty and respect among employees. By working alongside their team, dealers can better understand the challenges their employees face and provide the necessary support and motivation. For example, Craig would often recommend “turning technicians into a profit center.” Having worked in the role of technician and understanding the types of interactions they have with customers; he knew that they were perfectly positioned to significantly contribute to sales. Craig advised that by integrating technicians into sales goals and offering incentives for upselling products or services during customer visits, dealers can maximize their revenue potential. By providing fair wages, growth opportunities, and a supportive work environment, dealers can build a dedicated and high-performing team. 

Train and Align Your Sales Team 

Craig also recognized that a well-trained team is crucial for success. Craig believed that continuous education and development were essential for maintaining a competitive edge and ensuring that the sales team was equipped to handle any situation. He witnessed firsthand the positive impact of the Bullfrog Spas sales training session, with over 85% of his dealers attending and loving the experience. The comprehensive training provided dealers with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles, ultimately boosting sales and customer satisfaction.  

Aligning the sales team also involved cross-training, a strategy Craig championed to ensure that team members could address a variety of customer needs. He encouraged dealerships to cross-train their sales staff so they could understand and diagnose common hot tub issues, allowing them to step in and assist with technical inquiries when necessary. This approach not only improved customer service but also fostered a more cohesive and versatile team.  

Lastly, Craig always advised dealers to lead by example by working alongside their team on the showroom floor and at events. He believed that this hands-on approach helped dealers understand the challenges their team faced and ensured that dealers gave them the tools they needed to address them. By being present and engaged, Craig believes dealers are better able to identify areas for improvement, provide real-time coaching, and build stronger relationships with their staff. 

Have an Efficient Showroom Layout  

Finally, Craig emphasized that an efficient and well-thought-out showroom layout could significantly impact customer experience and sales. He advised his dealers to create a layout that directs people seamlessly from the top down, ensuring that customers can easily navigate and explore the showroom. His goal was to make customers feel like they were walking into the “Lexus of hot tub showroom floors,” a place where luxury and quality were evident in every detail. 

Communicating the brand through visuals was another key point Craig focused on regarding showroom design. He believed that a strong brand presence resonated deeply with customers and played a vital role in their purchasing decisions. Craig advised dealers to use various visual elements to communicate their brand effectively. This included design walls, such as JetPak walls, branded SEGs, posters, and any other elements that conveyed the brand’s message and experience. 

Craig also stressed the importance of utilizing kiosks in the showroom, as they offer an interactive and engaging way for customers to experience the product. He explained that kiosks allow customers to see the spa in action, providing real-time demonstrations of its features and benefits. This hands-on interaction is invaluable in convincing customers to make a purchase, as it allows them to visualize how the spa would fit into their own lives. Craig’s insights on showroom layout and branding were instrumental in helping his dealers create an inviting, informative, and persuasive environment for their customers, ultimately increasing their sales.  

A Final Farwell 

Craig’s journey, marked by innovation, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, serves as a blueprint for success in the hot tub industry. He has been a significant part of Bullfrog Spas’ history, influencing and inspiring generations of our partners and dealers. His legacy is one of continuous improvement, customer-centric strategies, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. Craig’s success was built on trust, integrity, and a genuine passion for helping people improve their lives through quality products. 

Bullfrog Spas has always been about innovation, and so was Craig. We prioritize relationships and doing what is right, just as Craig did throughout his career. His advice to dealers to stay connected, lead by example, and work alongside their teams on the showroom floor is a testament to our shared values. Craig’s career may be ending, but his influence and the lessons he imparted will endure, shaping the industry’s future.