The ambience of a store plays a crucial role in influencing a customer’s purchasing decision. A positive sensory experience can make customers feel more comfortable and confident in their purchasing decision, which can lead to higher sales and greater customer satisfaction, directly boosting revenue. A well-designed environment can evoke feelings of relaxation and luxury, mirroring the experience customers seek when using a spa.  

Walking into a store where ambience has been overlooked can be an immediate turn-off and detrimental to sales. Most people can recall a time when they walked into a poorly maintained store and felt an immediate sense of discomfort. Dingy lighting that casts harsh shadows, dust-covered surfaces, and an unpleasant smell can create an unwelcoming and off-putting atmosphere. Customers entering such a space feel uncomfortable and rushed, with their focus diverted to the store’s negative aspects rather than the products on display. 

By ensuring a clean, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing environment, dealerships can create a positive and memorable shopping experience that encourages customers to envision the enjoyment and relaxation a spa can bring to their lives. This not only enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty but also drives increased sales and revenue, making ambience a valuable investment. 

What goes into creating an ambience?  

Professors from the University of Miami and the University of Texas at Arlington conducted a study researching The Influence of Store Environment on Quality Inferences and Store Image which found that often consumers’ perceptions of a store’s physical attractiveness had a stronger relationship with their intention to purchase than factors such as merchandise quality, general price level, or even the product selection.  

According to study, “Thus, in-store elements such as color, lighting, style, or music may have more immediate effects on decision making than other marketing inputs that are not present at the point of purchase (e.g. advertising).” By harmonizing these elements, a showroom can create an immersive and appealing environment that enhances the overall shopping experience and encourages purchases. Here are some elements to consider: 


The right background music can evoke a sense of relaxation and comfort, mirroring the serene experience that customers seek when purchasing a spa. This auditory backdrop helps to make the showroom feel more welcoming and professional, fostering a positive emotional connection that can enhance customers’ overall shopping experience. According to Psychology Today, “Music can subconsciously influence our moods and purchasing behaviors…. For example, music is used in waiting rooms to reduce the subjective duration of time spent waiting or in supermarkets to encourage people to stay for longer and buy more.”   

Instrumental music is particularly effective at creating a serene and calming atmosphere. Without lyrics to distract, instrumental tunes can subtly enhance the shopping experience without overwhelming the senses. The gentle melodies can help customers focus on the visual and tactile aspects of a spa, encouraging them to imagine the relaxing experiences they could have. Background music should not distract from the interactions between sales associates and customers. It’s important that the volume is kept at a level that allows for clear and comfortable conversations. The goal is to enhance the ambience without interrupting the dialogue that is crucial for understanding customer needs and preferences. By striking the right balance, music can create an inviting and serene environment that supports sales efforts, builds customer trust, and ultimately contributes to a more successful and pleasant shopping experience. 


According to a study from the Archives of Design Research, “In a retail setting, lighting contrast is closely linked to consumers’ visual perception, such as attention to, and interest in merchandise and the surrounding environment.” The study went on to say that “The primary application of a higher lighting contrast is to produce attractive images and a special atmosphere, increasing stimulation in a space to evoke feelings of excitement.” (Gordon, 2003; Liao, 2011) In contrast, an article written by Vonn Lighting titled The Psychology of Light: How Different Lighting Impacts Our Emotions stated, “Warm lighting is known to promote relaxation and reduce stress levels. It mimics the warm, comforting glow of natural sunlight during sunset, which can help us unwind after a long day.” 

Consider putting lower lighting in a wet test room to help stimulate your customers’ sense of peace and relaxation, creating a pleasurable experience they will want to mirror at home. Alternatively, try using brighter lighting in your main showroom as bright, well-lit spaces can convey a sense of cleanliness and professionalism, instilling confidence in the quality of the products and the dealership itself. 


Pleasant aromas, such as lavender, eucalyptus, or fresh linen, can evoke feelings of relaxation and well-being, which align perfectly with the luxurious and calming nature of a Bullfrog Spa. When customers enter a showroom and are greeted with these soothing scents, they are more likely to associate the products with a spa-like experience, making the idea of owning a hot tub even more appealing.  

Moreover, a well-scented showroom can build positive emotional connections, which are crucial for influencing purchasing decisions. According to the Harvard Gazette, “Smells are handled by the olfactory bulb, the structure in the front of the brain that sends information to the other areas of the body’s central command for further processing. Odors take a direct route to the limbic system, including the amygdala and the hippocampus, the regions related to emotion and memory.” Scents have a powerful ability to trigger memories and emotions, and by using fragrances that evoke positive associations, dealers can create a welcoming atmosphere that makes customers feel at ease. By carefully selecting and maintaining appealing scents, businesses can enhance the shopping experience, increase dwell time, and ultimately boost sales by creating an environment that customers enjoy and trust. 

Visual Displays 

Creating visual displays in a showroom provides a tangible vision of how the product will fit into their own homes. Product vignettes, which are small, stylized scenes featuring the hot tub and its accessories, can be particularly effective. By arranging patio furniture, towel racks, and greenery around a spa, dealers can create a realistic and inviting setting that helps customers envision their own backyard oasis. By providing a complete picture, dealerships can help customers understand the value and potential enjoyment they will gain, making the purchase decision easier and more compelling.  

Additionally, informative displays, such as Bullfrog Spas JetPak posters or benefits banners, can help convince customers to make a purchase by clearly highlighting the unique features and benefits of the brand. By providing easy-to-understand explanations, customers can quickly grasp the key differences and advantages of each model, helping them make informed decisions. This transparency not only builds trust but also empowers customers to select the hot tub that best meets their needs and preferences. Furthermore, including lifestyle images, showcasing spas in beautiful, real-life settings, helps customers visualize how the products can fit into their own lives and outdoor spaces. By displaying high-quality photos of families enjoying a hot tub, romantic couple moments, or serene solo relaxation scenes, dealerships can evoke emotions and aspirations that resonate with potential buyers. As customers walk through the showroom, these compelling images can inspire them to see a spa as more than just a product, but as an essential element of their dream backyard oasis, encouraging them to make a purchase. 



Different colors evoke different feelings and reactions, making them a powerful tool in retail environments. Neutral colors like white, gray, and beige can convey sophistication and cleanliness, providing a perfect backdrop that doesn’t overwhelm the products on display. To set the right ambiance in your showroom, Bullfrog Spas recommends the following paint colors:  

  • Main Walls: Sherwin Williams, Pure White SW7005, Eggshell 
  • Accent Wall: Sherwin Williams, Monorail Silver, SW7663, Eggshell  

Pure White is a neutral huge that provides a clean and bright backdrop, highlighting spas without overwhelming the senses while Monorail Silver, is a sophisticated shade that creates a modern and elegant accent, offering a subtle contrast to the main wall color. This combination of color and texture can create a harmonious and upscale setting that resonates with customers, helping to foster a positive impression and increase the likelihood of a purchase.  

Layout & Cleanliness 

An uncluttered, well-organized showroom ensures that customers can easily navigate the space without feeling overwhelmed or distracted. According to Kristy Sabey, Bullfrog Spas Retail Merchandising Specialist, “Overcrowding makes people feel a sense of chaos, while understocking your store can have the opposite effect where it feels underwhelming.” By avoiding overcrowding and strategically placing spas with ample space between them, customers can comfortably walk around and thoroughly explore each model. A spacious and well-arranged showroom conveys a sense of professionalism and attention to detail, which can significantly enhance customer confidence in the dealership. 

Additionally, a spotless environment reflects a business’s commitment to quality and care, which reassures customers about the reliability and maintenance of the products being sold. Clean floors, dust-free surfaces, and well-maintained displays prevent any negative distractions, allowing customers to focus entirely on the spas. By prioritizing layout and cleanliness, dealerships can create a welcoming and professional atmosphere that encourages customers to trust them and feel confident in making a purchase. 

How to Apply It to Your Current Showroom  

Dealerships can take several immediate steps to improve the atmosphere and make their showroom more inviting. Here are several things you can do today to enhance your showroom:  

  • Offer Wet Testing: Wet tests allow customers to see and feel the hot tubs in action, providing an immersive experience that helps potential buyers better understand the product’s features and benefits, which is why wet tests have a 90% close rate.  
  • Create a Great Showroom Playlist: Music creates a welcoming and engaging atmosphere for customers. The right music can set the tone, create a relaxing environment, and complement the products on display without overwhelming or distracting customers. Find sample playlists on the Bullfrog Spas Blog, Ultimate Hot Tub Music Playlists and Audio Systems. 
  • Update Visuals: Refresh posters, banners, and digital screens with high-quality images and informative content that captures customers’ attention, imagination and provides them with valuable information about the products. Bullfrog Spas dealers can purchase updated POP on the Dealer Website.  
  • Create a Daily Cleaning Plan: Ensure your showroom is spotless daily, with dust-free surfaces, clean floors, and neatly arranged products. A clean environment reflects professionalism and care, making customers feel comfortable and valued. 

Ultimately focusing on sensory elements, like music, lighting, scents, and more creates an enjoyable and relaxing experience for customers as they browse your showroom. By focusing on these elements, dealerships can create an inviting ambience that encourages customers to explore and ultimately invest in a spa.