Displaying a variety of spas on your showroom floor not only caters to the diverse preferences and needs of potential customers but also showcases your commitment to offering comprehensive solutions for relaxation and wellness. A well-curated showroom floor reflects your dedication to providing options that suit every lifestyle and customer’s preferences. Additionally, having a diverse selection enhances the overall showroom experience, allowing customers to compare and contrast various models and make more informed decisions about their purchase.  

Including our premium, sleek and luxurious M Series in your showroom can attract high-end clientele looking to invest in top-of-the-line spas, thereby expanding your customer base and increasing sales potential. This series exudes elegance and sophistication, appealing to discerning customers who seek the ultimate relaxation experience and instilling confidence in your commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.  

What makes the M Series unique?  

While the M Series comes with a higher entry point compared to some of our other series, its premium features and superior craftsmanship justify the investment for customers seeking unparalleled luxury. Some of its unique features include:  

Premium Spa Lighting  

M Series spas include full-color, in-spa lighting, back-lit water features, lighted headrests, and impressive exterior rim lighting for both visual appeal and safety. Ambient lighting contributes to creating a luxurious and immersive environment that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation, elevating the customers sensory experience. 

Adjustable Headrests 

The premium JetPaks featured in the M Series offer comfortable adjustable headrests that adjust upward so users can get their head in just the right position. This subtle comfort feature appeals to discerning customers who seek the ultimate relaxation experience. 

Multi-function Auxiliary Controls  

These in-seat Multi-function Control Centers allow customers to control all jetting, activate lighting, control push-button water features, and regulate the volume of the spas hidden audio system, all without having to move from their spa seat.  

Patio Performance™ Cover with Smart Sensor Functionality 

All M Series Spas feature bult-in smart sensors that can be set to automatically start the jets as soon as the cover is lifted. Additionally, should customers get the optional Cloud Control 2 Wi-Fi module, they can even receive push notifications when their spa cover has been removed. 

There are many more additions and features that make the M Series unique, including sleek color options, waterfall features, and more. A full list of what makes this series so distinctive can be found on our website here

Selling the M Series  

Selling a high-end hot tub with premium features requires a tailored approach that emphasizes the unique benefits and value proposition it offers compared to other available options. Make sure you educate potential customers about the advanced features and cutting-edge technology incorporated into the spa. Highlight how features like adjustable headrests and auxiliary controls provide unparalleled customization, allowing users to personalize their hydrotherapy experience to their exact preferences with minimal effort. Emphasize the convenience and luxury of smart sensors that automatically turn the jets on and off, ensuring optimal efficiency.  

Remember to personalize the sales experience by understanding the specific needs and preferences of each customer. Listen attentively to their requirements and aspirations, and tailor your pitch to highlight the features and benefits that resonate most with them. Ally, a successful Sales Associate at a medium sized dealership in the Utah Valley discussed her selling techniques saying,  

“The way that I sell is I go through each and every single series, and at the end of me going through and talking about each series. I ask, ‘what series do you see yourself more leaning towards?’ Let’s say it’s between an A8 or M9, I say ‘these are very different series, I’d like you to sit in both and tell me what you like or what fits for you.’” 

Selling a premium hot tub requires a strategic approach that focuses on building value and differentiation. Position the hot tub as a long-term investment in health, wellness, and quality of life, appealing to discerning customers who prioritize luxury and performance. Be sure to provide transparent pricing and financing options and be prepared to answer any questions or concerns they may have. Ally also advised, “If someone comes in and chooses an M, they don’t care about the cost. They love the way it looks and the way it functions, and it looks so different from other hot tubs, they are so happy with it.”  

Buyers of luxury premium hot tubs are often discerning consumers who appreciate the finer details and nuances of design, technology, and functionality. Ally continued,  

I think the M Series are very particular to some people. I liken it to some people driving a normal car versus people driving a nicer car, like a Lexus, BMW, etc., they have very different tastes. It’s important for them to have that specific type.”  

These individuals value exclusivity and prestige, seeking out brands and models that are renowned for their innovation, reliability, and reputation for excellence. They often include affluent professionals, successful entrepreneurs, or established families who seek to create a luxurious retreat within their own homes. 

The Importance of Variety on a Showroom Floor  

Having a diverse range of hot tubs on the showroom floor is essential for your success when catering to the diverse needs and preferences of your customers. By offering a variety of options, from entry level models to high-end luxury spas and even swim spas, you can appeal to a broader customer base and ensure that there is something for everyone. By providing customers with options across different price points and features, dealers can help educate them about the benefits and advantages of each model. This personalized approach not only builds trust and confidence but also helps customers make informed purchasing decisions based on their specific needs and preferences.  

When asked if it was important to have the M series displayed on their showroom floor, Ally answered “Absolutely, for those certain individuals who like the look of it and always like to have the biggest and best. They like to tell people they spent $27,000 on this hot tub.”  

Although customers can view all Bullfrog Spas offerings online, seeing a spa in person helps them make more informed purchasing decisions as they can assess factors such as comfort, design, and overall suitability for their needs. If they are considering an M Series, but are unable to view one in person, there is a high chance they will go elsewhere searching for a higher-end luxury spa.  

The Harvard Business Review conducted a study that found that buyers who feel less powerful will tend to seek out and make purchases where they are offered a variety of options as it provides them with perceived power. According to the study,  

“If a retailer has reason to think that its customer base is likely to feel relatively powerless (whether due to economic conditions such as having low income or substantial debt, occupational conditions… or even contextual conditions such as relative age or seat height), they may benefit from showcasing a broader range of products.” 

Even if customers ultimately opt for lower-priced models than the M Series, the presence of other luxury hot tubs on the showroom floor can enhance your reputation and position as a provider of premium-quality products while also making your customer feel more empowered. Overall, having a variety of hot tubs on the showroom floor is crucial when meeting the diverse demands of customers and capitalizing on opportunities for increased sales and customer satisfaction. 

Increasing Your Average Order Value with the M Series 

By catering to the segment of the market that is seeking spas with top-of-the-line features, advanced technology, and superior build, you can attract customers who are willing to invest more in their spa, thereby increasing the overall value of each sale. Selling higher-end luxury spas can attract a more affluent customer base who are less price-sensitive and more willing to invest in premium products, they are more focused on creating experiences and memories with their spa. These customers may be more inclined to purchase additional accessories, upgrades, or service packages, further increasing your dealership’s average order value.  

By displaying both an A Series and M Series spa on your showroom floor, customers who may have considered the A Series the pinnacle of luxury would have the opportunity to level up their expectations and explore the premium features and amenities offered by the M Series. This tiered approach empowers customers to consider investing more in their hot tub purchase, as they can see the value and benefits associated with the higher-priced models. By highlighting the enhanced comfort, advanced hydrotherapy systems, and exclusive amenities of the M Series, your sales associates can demonstrate the added value and justify the higher price point to customers. This upselling strategy not only increases the total sale amount but also elevates the overall customer experience by offering tailored solutions that meet their specific needs and preferences. Ultimately, providing a range of options allows customers to find the perfect hot tub that aligns with their preferences and desired level of luxury.