With the recent release of Bullfrog Spas’ new A Series — which offers customers a suite of cutting-edge design options, including multiple sizes, styles and trim choices — some dealers and sales staff may wonder what to focus on when showcasing the various offerings.

While the elegant spas have plenty of new enhancements to highlight, the best way to sell what the Series A offers is by sticking to two old-school retail adages: keep the sales pitch simple and focus more on the customer than the product.

That’s the advice of Bullfrog Spas Vice President of Sales Jim Sueppel, a retail veteran with 35 years in the pool and spa industry.

“As far as the messaging getting down to the frontline salespeople talking to the consumer, it’s one word: simplify,” says Sueppel.

“Sales associates need to ask questions to understand the consumer’s needs. It’s a process of discovery for both parties,” he adds. ”Consumers might not know what they need, so you have to ask small questions throughout the sales presentation to give them the best recommendation.”


Highlighting Bullfrog Spas’ unique JetPak system for targeted hydrotherapy, the high-end sound system options, and the digital programming features are standard talking points for all the company’s models.

But Sueppel advises a three-pronged strategy when focusing on various configurations of the Series A models, which also offer Bullfrog signature features. “Once they’ve spent time getting to know the consumer, the associate is going to be able to discuss the spa size options,” he says, noting the Series A offers a range of five different sizes. Step one, then, involves the consumer choosing one of those options. “The next thing is, what style are you looking for? Are you looking for no lounge seats, single lounge or double lounge? And then the third is what trim packages do you want — Select, Plus or Standard?”

By steering consumers to make choices in these three categories, salespeople “have now identified three key price points,” explains Sueppel. “Then you can build the value proposition based on each of those price points. It also gets them down the sales funnel quicker than wrestling with 28 different options.”

And at the risk of stating the obvious, Sueppel advises showcasing the higher-priced Select Trim options first, talking up the 2-tone cabinetry, Tungsten metallic jet bezels​, premium headrests, unique lighting features and the premium JetPak count. “I always use a top-down approach,” he says, “Once you go down, it’s hard to go back up.” He also says that the sales force needs to take the lead in guiding the consumer through the sales process — and ask vital questions. “As you’re asking questions, you’re finding out how the consumer sees themself using a spa. What is the value proposition of having a hot tub to the consumer?” That question is key to Sueppel because it helps address the unspoken issues in every consumer’s mind. “There’s always four consumer questions that you have to answer that they’ll never ask. The first one is why hot tub? The second one is why a Bullfrog Spa? The third one is why buy from this dealership? The fourth one is why buy from the salesperson? Answering those questions is always a goal” But once those are answered, reiterates Sueppel, anyone selling the A series is advised to keep it simple.

“You need to give them three choices. If you start giving them more than that. It’s going to confuse them. They’re not going to make a decision. So first of all: size, then style, then trim features.

“I tried this in front of dealers last week. And they said, ‘Oh, that’s easy.’ “And I said, ‘Well, of course it is.“