SmartLead is a powerful tool you can use to boost revenue and expand your business alongside Bullfrog Spas’ lead generation program. It is an easy-to-operate CRM system that provides a user-friendly portal where you and your sales staff can manage incoming leads generated from Bullfrog Spas’ digital marketing efforts. This includes tracking follow-up, taking notes on progress, leaving call-back reminders, and updating lead status. Leads gathered from these activities are more likely to convert into sales because they are already engaged with the product and have a clear idea of what they want. This targeted approach allows you to focus your efforts on potential customers who are highly motivated and ready to make a purchase.  

You can easily use the platform to track customer interactions and purchasing trends, enabling you to identify opportunities for growth and refine your marketing and sales efforts. With easy access to detailed customer profiles and communication history, you can provide a personalized experience for each potential buyer, further increasing the likelihood of a successful sale. 

Contacting Your Leads 

It’s important to understand that leads may not convert immediately, and it often takes several interactions to nurture them towards a purchase decision. Persistence and patience are key when working with these leads, as building trust and rapport takes time. Do not be discouraged if they do not receive a response after only one contact attempt.  

Try being creative when reaching out to potential customers, sending a short video message introducing the dealership and highlighting the benefits of our spas can make a lasting impression. Showcasing different models, features, and customization options can help spark interest and entice the lead to learn more. Try offering virtual tours or live demonstrations of your spas through video or send videos and pictures of the spa the customer may have built online. 

Quick, concise messages providing updates on promotions, special offers, or simply checking in with the lead’s interest level can also be very effective. Text messages are often more likely to be read promptly, increasing the chances of a response. However, phone calls also remain a powerful tool for lead engagement. Make sure you schedule follow-up calls to discuss the lead’s needs and preferences, answer any questions they may have, and provide more information about your spas. Kaitlyn, a sales associate at a small dealership, has had huge success selling over the phone.

One of my first swim spas that I sold was a SmartLead and they were on vacation, and they bought a swim spa with a Covana over the phone,” said Kaitlyn. “Those are rare, but they do happen, so if you let them go by it will never happen.”  

Matthew Arnold, the manager of the same dealership, shared that when leads come through they try to rotate them through each employee so that each gets a chance to practice and develop their skills. Kaitlyn’s has also developed a personal strategy for reaching out to potential customers via text, saying, “I start with sending a text, a short intro text. Big, long texts no one ever responds to, it’s too much information. 

Ultimately, by initiating contact dealerships can lay the foundation for a positive customer relationship, increase the likelihood of converting leads into sales, and stay competitive in the market. 

Strategies for Closing More Leads on SmartLead 

Not all leads will convert immediately, but staying engaged and nurturing relationships can lead to future sales. Offering solutions to a potential customer’s problems or providing incentives such as promotions or financing options can help overcome objections and move the sale forward. Matt shared that one of their top strategies for closing leads is by inviting them to an event or sale saying,  

We do often hit up our older active SmartLeads for a sale. Say we have a Costco event, we send out a generic communication that says, ‘Hey we have this going on for a few days’ and we get a lot of people that show up because of it.” 

Promotions and deals create a sense of urgency and excitement, motivating leads to take action before missing out on a limited-time offer. Whether it’s a discount on the spa price, a free accessory, or a special financing rate, these incentives can sway potential buyers who may be on the fence. 

Matt and his team have had great success offering different financing plans and cash options, but they also have had success throwing in free items or upgrades. “Something we have really been trying to do is throw in a free cover, steps, 3 months of chemicals, etc. with the sale.” says Matt, “We somewhat throw those in anyway, because we’ve built them into the price.” 

Matt also advised that no matter whether you are reaching out through text or by phone, to “play off price the entire time.” Price is often a primary consideration for potential buyers, and addressing this aspect early on can help establish transparency and trust. Additionally, discussing price early in the conversation helps qualify leads, ensuring that they are genuinely interested and financially capable of making a purchase. This approach sets realistic expectations and paves the way for a smoother sales process, ultimately leading to more conversions and satisfied customers. 

When you sense a lead is ready to make a decision, confidently guide them through the purchasing process. Provide clear information about next steps, including financing options, delivery timelines, and maintenance services. A smooth and professional closing process leaves a positive impression and encourages referrals and repeat business. 

Setting Goals  

Setting goals is also a huge part of Matt and Kaitlyn’s success. Goals provide a clear direction for the sales team, they set targets to strive towards and benchmarks to measure success. When it comes to using SmartLead, setting specific goals related to lead generation, follow-up, and conversion rates is essential. One of the key metrics to focus on when utilizing SmartLead is response time. Studies have shown that the speed of response to leads significantly i mpacts conversion rates. According to Matt, 

“It actually is true that if someone just filed one (designed a Bullfrog Spa online) they are definitely more interested than if you reach out the next day because it is on their mind. I’ve been that shopper where you check around and see what you want to spend your money on, so the faster you respond while you’re on their mind is pretty important.”  

Matt’s dealership averages a 5% to 7% lead close rate on SmartLead, while the average is 1% to 2%. He accredits this to how quickly his team responds to leads, their ability to have lasting, personal conversations with potential customers, and the other strategies previously discussed in this article.  

Creating sales goals that are tied to the use of SmartLead can help you maximize its potential. This may include goals for the frequency and quality of communication with leads, response times, the utilization of platform features for lead management, or the integration of platform data into sales strategies. By setting clear objectives, you can ensure your sales team is effectively leveraging the platform, resulting in increased lead engagement and improved sales performance. 

By implementing these strategies, you can optimize your use of SmartLead and close more leads efficiently. Remember that building strong relationships with potential buyers and providing exceptional service can lead to long-term success and revenue growth for your dealership.