So you have a great referral program finally in place. But it’s not producing the results you know it can and should. The problem most likely has to do with promotion. If you don’t promote the program, how are your customers going to know about it?

It’s just a fact, referrals are better quality leads. Numerous studies show that people trust their friends and family far more than they trust a regular advertisement or a stranger. According to a Nielsen’s study, Trust in Advertising campaign, 84% of global respondents within 58 countries said recommendations from friends and family were the most trustworthy. Meaning, the referred customer is typically a good fit for the business. The trick is getting your customers to know about your program in the first place.

promoting . . . the referral program . . . can provide a more consistent revenue stream. And ultimately end up costing you less per new customer . . .

Luckily, there are quite a few ways you can promote a referral program so existing customers can help bring in even more prospective hot tub buyers. Most of these promotion techniques are so simple you could implement them right away.

1. Create a Fantastic Headline

If you create attention right away, people will notice. This is why a simple, but great headline is important.

A few tips on creating an impressive referral headline include using numbers, getting to the point, and of course mentioning the benefit. Here are a few sample headlines to help you get the idea.

  • “Refer a friend and receive $100 gift card”
  • “Help us, Help you. Refer a friend and you’ll get a gift”
  • “Give $500 coupon, Get $50 for yourself”
  • “Spread the love, and get $100 when your friend purchases a hot tub”
  • “Invite your friends, and if they buy you both get $50”

Spruce up the headline to match your business and the reward can go a long way.

2. Give a Reason

Aside from an incentive, give another reason for your customers to sign up. Holidays are the perfect time to invest in a family hot tub. Why not use the time of year as a reason to promote your referral program? For example, this winter why not run a “Share the Warmth” campaign? You can offer your customer an incentive for sending their friend a coupon to make a hot tub purchase (e.g., Share the Warmth! Give a Friend 10% off their hot tub purchase, and get $100 yourself).

Also, try creating your own special days. Perhaps use business milestones, employee birthdays, or your company’s birthday. The program can remain the same, just change the name to fit the season, holiday, or event that coincides with that time.

3. Create a Landing Page

Most referral programs have a landing page (typically acts as the registration page for your referral program) that explains your referral program. You want this page to look professional, explain all the details all while not being too crowded or complicated. A good way to trim down added details about the program is to use a separate FAQ section. When you trim the details from the bulk of the landing page, you’re left with a sleek and professional look that your customers can easily navigate and complete.

4. Create Great Imagery

What else can you do to create excitement? Use images on your landing page to break up the text and show off the incentive your customer will earn when they send referrals. You could also consider using a fun action shot—like a family enjoying their hot tub. Imagery often attracts by creating an emotional connection. If someone sees a family enjoying a hot tub, it might trigger them to think of a friend or two who would also enjoy it.

5. Show Customer Appreciation

People love to be appreciated and customers are no exception. Let your customers know that you appreciate their business. Launch your referral program as a way of saying thank you to your customers. You send the thanks either in print or online and if they send you a referral they will be thanked with another small token of your appreciation. Letting your customers know that you’re happy for having them is a great way to strengthen your relationship. When you build strong relationships, it helps give your customers another reason to refer their friends and family.

6. Promote with Your Invoices and Receipts

Okay, your program needs to be discoverable if you want it to succeed. This doesn’t mean you have to post ads and flyers all over the place. It just means use what you already have and send out to your customers. So aside from your dedicated referral program page on your website, you can promote the program on your invoices and receipts. Maybe someone wants a price list, or cleaning instructions—anything that your customers have access to is a great place to remind them about referrals. Provide instructions on how to sign up or where to find the program and your customers are more likely to check it out.

7. Bonus Promotion Ideas

You should continue to promote your program even after the program has been launched. So what are some other ways to do this? Take a look at the list below.

  • Mention it in your email signature.
  • If you have a newsletter, add it!
  • Go old school and add flyers around your store.
  • Use your social media profiles to talk about it.
  • Add a link to your social media bios.
Remember, referral program promotion goes well beyond just your initial referral program launch. A spa retailer relies on new customers, so promoting those efforts throughout the referral program lifespan can provide a more consistent revenue stream. And ultimately end up costing you less per new customer than alternative forms of marketing and advertising. Referral marketing programs have the power to take your business to the next level and will help you bring new customers right to your door. If you’re in need of referral marketing software to help automate this process, learn more at Referral Rock.